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About Aphasia
Signs & Symptoms


Depending on the area(s) of the brain affected, different aspects of language may be impaired in aphasia. Some people with aphasia show the greatest impairment in spoken language production, with a relative sparing of the ability to understand (comprehend) language, whereas others show the opposite pattern. Other people with aphasia have difficulty with reading (i.e., alexia) and/or spelling (dysgraphia).


People with aphasia often show deficits in one or more of the following aspects of language:


  • Word production; naming objects, actions, and/or other entities (anomia)
  • Producing grammatical sentences (agrammatism)
  • Word comprehension (semantic deficits)
  • Sentence comprehension (semantic and/or asyntactic deficits)
  • Reading (alexia)
  • Spelling (dysgraphia)